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pressure washer recovery and recycling equipment

Mobile wash water recovery,
filtration and recycling equipment

Watersafe Technologies pressure washer wash water recovery and recycling systems are here to bring your enterprise into EPA compliance. Our pressure washer recovery vacuum has the power to operate 2 vacuum recovery surface cleaners at the same time. Our larger recovery unit runs at 450 CFM while our smaller single operator unit runs at 180 CFM. These recovery vacuums can be enhanced by our state of the art methods to either treat and discharge your wash water or recycled with our filtration equipment for reuse with your pressure washing system.

Feature Project: Trailer Pressure Washer With Recycling

mobile wash and recycling trailer
8' Wide Surface Cleaning With Full Recycling

Pressure Washer Recycling Equipment

Wastersafe treatment systems are customizable. They are built to your specific needs and can meet filtration needs for portable or stationary systems. The pressure washer recycling equipment can be built directly to your mobile cleaning deck or installed on our platform skid mounting water storage tanks below the system. This is a great space saving option for anyone wanting a more compact trailer. We have many available options for creating your own pressure washer recycling trailer package so contact us for a quote today.

  • Wash Water Recovery
  • Pressure Washer Recycling
  • Oil, Water, Solids Separation
  • Multimedia Filtration
  • Centrifugal Separation
  • Heavy Solids Settling
  • Filtration Below 20 Micron For Reuse

Wash water treatment systems for over 30 years.

Watersafe Technologies is a brand of T. George Podell & Co Inc. Serving industrial cleaning clients since 1975. We have stationary and portable industrial wash water and waste water treatment equipment. Our industrial grade equipment can be trailer mounted, installed in a container for accessibility and portability or installed in a stationary location.

See more industrial cleaning equipment from our extended brand family. Call (800) 897-7515 for a free equipment and shipping quotation.

Shop Pressure Washer Recycling Packages

pressure washer recycling trailer
Recover And Recycle Trailer
450 CFM / 20 GPM
Dual Operators
Tandem 3500 lbs Axle Trailer
mobile cleaning and recycling trailer
Wash, Recover And Recycle
(2) 4,000 PSI @ 5 GPM
450 CFM / 20 GPM
Tandem 5000 lbs Axle Trailer
mobile wash water recovery vacuum
Vacuum System
450 CFM
Dual Operators
Trailer Or Skid Mount Available
pressure washer trailer with recycling
Wash, Recover And Recycle
(2) 3,000 PSI @ 5 GPM
450 CFM / 20 GPM
Tandem 5000 lbs Axle Trailer
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